Louisa May Alcott
With A Modern

A fiction series by Mary Helene Pottker Rosenbaum

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About the Author - Mary Helene

Mary Helene Rosenbaum, like Alcott, focuses on the interactions and dynamics of family to delve into the human experience, drawing on lessons learned from her own diverse circle of family and friends. Rosenbaum uses her Patchwork Family series to conjure up a plethora of emotions, intriguing narratives, and characters that resonate deeply with readers. Widowed after 48 years of marriage, Rosenbaum lives with children and grandchildren in the Philadelphia area.

Mary Helene Rosenbaum

Author M.H.P. Rosenbaum

About the Series

The “Patchwork Family”

is an emotionally gripping book series set in 1950s, a tale of a family’s journey to mend the broken lives of abused and neglected children from diverse backgrounds. As they forge bonds and face their haunting pasts together, their resilience and love create a beautiful new family unit of hope and healing.

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Hear a short sample reading from the Steve’s Song, the first of the Patchwork Family series.


What They Say

Readers’ reactions to M.H.P. Rosenbaum’s work.

"Seven books that are sure to be banned in Florida."